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Designed by world-renowned marimba artist Kai Stensgaard, this series features natural/unfinished birch shafts, rubber cores and a wool yarn wrap.  The five models are graduated in hardness and weight.  Kai is an accomplished 6-mallet player and has designed his mallets to be very manageable using either 4 or 6 mallet grip.  The sound throughout the series is clear and warm.   The white yarn provides excellent visual awareness for the performer and each model is color coded for quick and easy identification.  


Although designed for the professional player, many teachers and students prefer these mallets for their traditional weight and sound.  





The MSQ1 is a perfect single pocket bag.  Durable and easy to use.


The SSB is made with quality materials and will make a great general stick bag for any drummer.


The Standard Mallet Bag is designed to hold al the mallets you need.  It features hanging straps to hand the bag from the rails of your keyboard instrument.  The large pockets allow you to insert your mallets heads down to facilitate very fast mallet changes.

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