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A message from Bruce…

“I started Salyers Percussion because I love working with fellow percussionists. I grew tired of working in a culture where artists and customers were just numbers on a page. Of course I enjoy designing and creating sticks and mallets, but it is the personal connection with the performer that is most fulfilling. When you call Salyers Percussion, chances are I will answer the phone. When you order one of our products, I probably made it myself and when you need help or just have a question you can call and speak directly with me. I hope you enjoy playing with the products as much as I have enjoyed making them for you”.


—Bruce Salyers

Salyers Percussion has been over 10 years in the making. In 2002 Bruce Salyers acquired his first mallet wrapping machine and has been producing world class mallets for over a decade. The Salyers Percussion brand may be new but the man behind the name has been making mallets for some of the world’s greatest educators, performers and ensembles for a very long time. From DCI and WGI ensembles to concert halls around the globe, the mallets designed by Bruce Salyers have been a staple of performers everywhere.
After working in the percussion industry for many years Bruce has launched Salyers Percussion to bring his original ideas to the percussion community. The goal is to offer the highest quality craftsmanship and unique mallet and drum stick designs to an industry that has not seen any significant advances for the past 20 years.

Some Salyers Percussion Innovations:

Earth Tone Series: A series of concert mallets inspired by nature. This series is wrapped in wool and hemp to bring the warm tones of nature to your music.

Internal Stitching: Using a unique process, we continuously weave an internal stitch into many of the wound marimba and vibraphone models. This innovation in mallet design creates a much more secure wrap and eliminates the yarn slippage that is common to other brands.

Color coding for Marching Keyboard Mallets: Most marching ensembles insert their mallet in the mallet bags with the heads down to facilitate quick mallet changes. Salyers Percussion has color coded our marching mallets on the butt end of the handles for easy recognition in your bag!

Etude Series: A value line of mallets that a professional artist would be proud of. While other brands continue to offer cheap yarn wrapped mallets on inferior painted shafts, we have introduced a value line using full sized rubber heads and wool yarn wrapping. The shafts are first quality, lacquered birch for strength and beauty.


The People 

Bruce Salyers

Jenny Salyers

Chris Coke: Marketing / Design

Salyers Percussion 

1723 Eldridge Rd

Suite C
Sugar Land, TX 77478


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