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Join the Team!​​


​Join this amazing group of teachers that make up the SP Education Team. This group of teachers not only collaborate and share ideas they also give us valuable feedback that helps us make more products that will benefit students and teachers alike.

If you are a dedicated teacher that likes our products this is the group for you.  We offer some great discounts and benefits as a way to say thanks for your support and feedback.  

Click here for the Education Team Interest Form.




Green Pads.jpg
New Practice Pads coming soon!


 Salyers Percussion is proud to announce that our new practice pads will be available in March!  Two exciting new pads are in the works.  Each with its own distinctive sound and feel.  Follow us on social media so you can stay up to date on the pads and more.    

Fulcrum Finder thumb off.jpg
And the winner is...

The PCS1FF Fulcrum Finder concert snare drum stick was our biggest selling stick of 2018!!!  

That was no accident.  Teachers and those wanting to improve their technique overwhelmingly chose this stick in 2018.  

Professionals may prefer choking up or laying back on the stick to produce different feels but when first developing technique consistency is key in learning to feel the balance of a stick.  Our laser engraved thumbprint on the stick is placed precisely at the point on the stick which will produce the most rebound.


Other sticks on the market might have some symbol or word close to the proper point but our unique and precisely placed thumbprint makes proper grip placement self evident for the student.

Make sure your beginner students have the best chance for success with the PCS1FF.  This stick is also included in our ISP- Intermediate Student Pack.

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