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Salyers Percussion Brushes and Kendo sticks have you covered when you need to change timber or simply lower the volume

Check out the 5AK1 Kendo Stick which is a 5A shaft with a tip of bamboo rods.  Unlike any other bundle stick available, this one allows you to get a crisp cross stick sound in addition to the bamboo rod sound and it feels like no other bundle stick on the market


The K1 model from the KENDO STICKS series by Salyers Percussion is perfect when you need a volume or color change.  They feature 19 hand selected birch dowels and a reinforced rimshot zone setting a new standard on a classic design.


The 5AK1 from the KENDO STICKS series by Salyers Percussion is the only multi-rod stick that has the shaft of a 5A combined with a tip of bamboo dowel rods. Finally, you can get that dowel rod sound and a rim click out of one pair of sticks!  


The Salyers Percussion WB1 has a rubber grip and retractable standard gauge wire for general playing of any style. 


The Salyers Percussion NB1, with its impact resistant handle and retractable nylon bristles, is constructed to be durable and dependable.   It is perfect for low volume playing.

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