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Arthur Lipner Mallets

Arthur Lipner's new series covers all the bases.  Available in concert and marching models.  The marching models are slightly heavier and on slightly thicker rattan.


AL1 / AL1M - Soft                                

AL2 / AL2M - Medium Hard

AL3  / AL3M - Hard

"Confidence. Confidence in my ability to be creative and true to my music. Confidence to go for new things on vibes and marimba knowing they'll sound the best they can. That's what my new line of Salyers Mallets gives me and we're thrilled to share that with you! Master artisan Bruce Salyers and I worked for months to develop this new signature series of Soft, Medium Hard and Hard mallets for concert AND marching percussion. The classic "Lipner blue-and-whites" (AL1) are still classic and still blue-and-white (!) with an updated sound and improved construction. The Medium Hard orange/blue AL2's are perfect for small ensemble playing. The hard green/black AL3's have delivered everything I could ask for at outdoor appearances/festivals. The past few months have been pure joy with these mallets live and in the studio, and I know you and your students will be satisfied too! A quick look at the price point and you'll see they're less costly compared to other manufacturer's best-in-class mallets. This is our way of sharing this great new series with confidence!"        -- Arthur Lipner

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