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Concert/Classical/Marching Artists

Bruce Salyers

The standard bio:

Bruce Salyers received a BME and MME from Arkansas State University and a DMA from the University of Memphis.  He has taught all levels of percussion from middle school through university.  In addition to being a middle school and high school band director, Bruce was a percussion instructor at Harding University and Ouachita Baptist University.

After acquiring a small mallet wrapping business in 2006, he entered the stick and mallet manufacturing business full time while still maintaining a full private teaching studio.  Since then Bruce has designed sticks and mallets alongside some of the worlds finest artists of the concert stage, rock and roll arena and of the marching arts.  

Bruce started Salyers Percussion in 2014 after leaving the corporate world to be able to work closer with the performers and teachers that were using his products.  Today, only a few years later, Salyers Percussion is considered one of the leading manufactures of quality sticks and mallets.  

Bruce has 3 beautiful daughters, Jessica, Sidney and Isabel and two adorable granddaughters, Aubree and Phoebe.  He now lives with his wife Jenny in Sugar Land, Tx.  

The real bio:

I'm Bruce.  I love drums, percussion and music.  All of it.  I have been fortunate enough to have accumulated a variety of experiences that I think make my perspectives somewhat unique in the drum stick manufacturing world.  I have taught drum corps, performed with professional orchestras, worked (and partied)  with rock stars, toured with a military band, taught beginners and professionals, published marching and concert music, designed products for some of the biggest brands and artists in the world and most recently started a small business.  

If you want the personal details... keep reading!!

I would not say I am a specialist at any particular aspect of percussion.  I think my strength is in my versatility and varied background.  I knew I wanted to be a drummer after seeing my neighbor play cymbals in the marching band at the Veteran's Day parade.  I started out as a snare drummer in middle school (thanks Mr. Dishman!).  It didn't take long until I discovered the drum set.  Peter Criss was my first drum hero.  The first song I learned was "I Can't Drive 55" by Sammy Hagar.  My first drum set performance was with the jr high choir.  The song was "La Isla Bonita" by Madonna.   I was hooked.  I continued to play throughout high school in marching band and in a garage band that was a wanna be hair metal band.  

Life happens and 

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