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Jeff Moore Keyboard Mallets

Jeff Moore's new line of keyboard mallets are designed to make any ensemble sound full and clear.  The weight of the heads brings out the full sound of the bar while the tight wrapped cord and composite inner cores create a clear sound at all dynamics.  The marimba models have a slightly thicker than normal 11/32" birch shaft that not only makes them more durable but also helps to make them a very balanced set of mallets that play easily.  These will work well whether your group is amplified or not.  The mushroom shaped vibe mallets have a very durable rattan shaft.



The first four marimba mallet models feature a large weighted core, 11/32" birch shafts and a very durable polyester wrap.  They will speak clearly and have enough mass to fully activate the bars without being too heavy.  The hardest model, JM105, is a mushroom shaped mallet that sparkles in the upper register and could double as a xylo or vibe mallet.


JM101 Soft

JM102 Medium Soft

JM103 Medium Hard

JM104 Hard

JM105 Brilliant

Jeff's models for vibraphone really make the instrument speak the way it is supposed to.  They all have weighted mushroom cores, durable rattan shafts and a tight wrapped polyester cord wrap.  The three models will work equally well on the concert stage as on the marching field.

JM106 Medium Soft

JM107 Medium Hard

JM108 Hard

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