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Concert/Classical/Marching Artists

Kai Stensgaard
Marimba Artist, Composer

Kai Stensgaard, marimba artist and composer from Denmark. Kai is one of the pioneers in six mallet playing. He has composed several works for six mallets. Amoung those a concerto for marimba and Orchestra called “Concierto Mexicano”. Many of his compositions and arrangements have been performed by marimba players all over the world. He has given concerts and clinics in Europe, USA, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Mexico. 
He is the author of the method for six mallet playing called “The Six mallet Grip” and has published 7 CDs and a DVD displaying his compositions and personal marimba style.

In 2011 he invented a new mallet instrument called the Aluphone. This new instrument can be used as a solo iinstrument in the same way as the marimba and the vibraphone. Composers have already started writing music for the Aluphone and Kai has started playing solo recitals using the Aluphone.

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