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Kirk Gay Series

The Kirk Gay signature timpani mallets by Salyers Percussion feature turned Hickory handles and a variety of felt and cores to provide excellent clarity and tone through entire spectrum of dynamics. All six mallets in the series have a distinctly different sound and are expertly weighted and balanced for great feel. 


KG1- soft

KG2- medium soft

KG3- medium

KG4- medium hard

KG5- hard

KG6- Ultra Staccato


KG1 – Soft – The KG1 mallets feature a parachute wrap and German felt for a warm, soft tone while rolling or playing single notes. These are a go to mallet for works like Siegfried’s Funeral Music by Wagner.


KG2 – Medium Soft – The KG2 mallets are smaller and slightly harder than the KG1 mallets which gives them good articulation for a softer stick. These are an excellent choice for rolling passages or works that require a wide variety of dynamics like the works of Sibelius and the 4th movement of Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra.


KG3 – Medium – The KG3 mallets are an excellent general stick. They feature a cartwheel wrap with American felt and have a slightly larger core for a big, clear sound. These mallets work well for works like the 1st movement of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony #4.


KG4 – Medium Hard – These mallets feature a felt disc core and American felt and are a great choice for works that need a lighter sound but still have clarity. This is an excellent mallet for many of the works by Mozart and Haydn.


KG5 – Hard – The KG5, which features a wood core, American felt (hard side out), and cartwheel wrap is the hardest white felt mallet in the series and is excellent for passages needing clear articulation. These mallets are a great choice for Beethoven scherzos and parts like the Rite of Spring.


KG6 – Ultra Staccato – The KG6 model is the hardest mallet in the series. They feature a wood core and billiard felt that provides excellent rhythmic clarity. These mallets sound great for works by Bach and Handel and for more contemporary pieces needing clear articulation. They are also an excellent choice for the Carter March. 

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