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What is happening in 2020?

2019 was a CRAZY year for us here at Salyers Percussion. I have never worked so hard in my life! 2020 will be the year of working smarter, not harder!

Speaking of 2020, I expect some huge things to happen this year. We have new products to release in 2020, some new projects to start working on, and old projects to finish. We have a new double sided pad in the works that should be ready by April. I also plan to continue working on (and hopefully finish) some books this year. AND.....there are a couple of other things happening that I can't disclose yet... Let's just say 2020 will be a BIG year!!

Thank you all for being our friends. I couldn't do what I love without all your support and encouragement. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at shows/conventions/competitions and seeing your wonderful photos on social media this year.

Happy New Year- 2020

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